Our Services

Our services can be clearly defined into several categories:-

Provision of advice and information service

We provide advice and information service it the areas of immigration, welfare benefits, housing, health and social care. The number of asylum seekers coming from Sri Lanka during the year under review has been reduced to very minimum. However we have increased work load on immigration advice from people seeking naturalisation as British Citizens and people migrating from other EU countries wanting to settle in the UK.

We have ensured the quality of our advice work by obtaining the required OISC Quality Mark exemption from the relevant statutory bodies.

Advancement of education through supplementary Education Classes

We found that most of the parents who came to the UK recently are finding it difficult to guide their children to pursue appropriate education in UK including that at the university level.

At many instances the parents are also unable to provide any support in their children’s home work and the interactions between them (parents and children) are not at a healthy level.

SLTWG supplementary education Classes established since 2002 has become a well- known service to the Tamil Community. This includes literacy and numeracy assistance to the Tamil children and other minority community members.

Around 50 children aged 4-16 years have attended these classes on Sundays for two hours throughout the academic year. Our focus was on supporting long term learning and ensuring that each child studies at the level that is best for them.

SLTWG has designed suitable curriculum with linear format with students advancing through the topic based worksheets, supported by volunteer helpers for Reception to Year 4 students. The remaining classes are run by qualified tutors.

Older People Services

The aim of the Older People Support Services was to provide support services for the Older People from Tamil Community and other community to create awareness about healthy life styles, overall wellbeing and enhance their quality of the life through increased confidence and positive attitudes. This was provided by practical tailor made services at the drop-in-sessions. One of the main priorities for the organisation, right from its inception, had been to make the lives of older people comfortable, happy and feel wanted. Due to the number of older Tamil people in the area, the services in addition to Merton have been extended to other boroughs: Wandsworth and Croydon. Although no external funds were received for the year under review the services continued as before with the funds released from the SLTWG general fund and local fund raising activities. The drop ins of Four sessions per week; on Tuesdays at Croydon, Wednesdays and Saturdays at Merton and Thursdays at Wandsworth boroughs are being delivered. The service users living in these areas enjoyed having the facilities locally. The services have been accessed by the older people of diverse backgrounds. The total number of service users has gone up to more than an average of 110 per week. A qualified and well trained instructor delivered very popular fitness programme to suit their needs. The weekly drop-in sessions have created an opportunity for the older people to socialize and share with other older people. This reduced the isolation and promoted mental wellbeing. Most of the older people have improved their level of conversation in English by engaging themselves in and actively participating in workshops, training and discussion, thus aiding integration. These factors have relatively increased level of confidence in seeking assistance in welfare Benefits, Health Care Services and other statutory services. Overall the service users have become physically active and healthy.

Early years, Child Care and Children’s centre service

The Early Years’ service is funded by London Borough of Merton since April 2009. The aim of the project is to raise the attainment of Tamil Children in foundation stage and to reduce the inequality in education experienced by them. As being a part of the families‘ support children centre services team our project support service manager was supporting the families, who are in need of additional of child care. The aims of the Early Years engagement project are:

  1. Introducing the parents to early years ‘development programme and courses and monitoring their progress.
  2. Carry out the duties of the project to get the Tamil parents to improve their awareness and confidence in the positive parenting skills.
  3. Support the families who are in need by the Supporting families team allocations.
  4. Work as part of supporting family team for the children centre services.
  5. Encourage the Tamil parents to use the children centre sessions and to join the courses provided by children centres.
  6. Attend and run the family stay and play for the multi community parents three times a week regularly to encourage the Tamil parents to integrate with other communities.
  7. Enter each appointment on the Merton electronic monitor report.
  8. Update the case files and maintain at Merton office.
  9. The Early Years Engagement Project worker reports regularly to the line manager at SLTWG head office.

Although there are no particular targets in this project we have significantly increased the access of the services by Tamil families, especially with the Request for Services from 0-12 supporting Families team as follows:

  1. Housing needs
  2. Benefit advice and support
  3. Accessing the Children’s Centres
  4. Tamil families get free nursery places with two year funding
  5. Tamil families get support for job services and job club advice service.
  6. Running a 12 week Family Learning programme at Children Centres.
  7. Planning to run Summer Reading Club from End July 2012 for 6 weeks for Parents and Children.
  8. Planning to have Tamil parenting incredible Years program at Acacia Centre after school holiday.

We have ensured that our services and activities are of good quality by attending regular discussions and supervision meetings with the Manager and staff of the Children centres. We provided leaflets in Tamil and updated regularly our services. We maintained high levels of confidentiality and offer culturally sensitive services. All complaints were dealt in confidence. All service users were encouraged to share their views and give feedback as it helped us to improve the quality of our services. To safeguard our clients we complied with Health and Safety requirements at all times. We always assessed the Health and Safety of venues, play areas and equipments and ensured that they were suitable, accessible and safe enough for the use by the service users. The increased numbers of families using the family support services is an indication of the success of the programme. This project is highly welcomed by parents who gained confidence in supporting their children Early Years Foundation Stage developments, and the parents’ children relationships have improved.

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